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My girlfriend works for a company producing a small and most of his work that has to subcontract all the staging, lighting, etc. This puts them in the amount of a lot of people at work you are doing very of course, most of all they try and suck, she loves him, but most of the time is off the waves. One day she told me about a technology called Paul, who was always flirting with her, is a black man about 6 feet tall and handsome he is, A is 5 -foot-7 long hair and dark eyes , but he has size 18 and too big, and 36 DD breasts. In any case, they would know when she walked beside him, rubbing his ass on her breasts or intentionally hard to say, when he ceased work, the farewell kiss would be delayed a tubewhale little too long. He is married to another white girl and my friend, he thought, to disturb one. tell me what had happened and to tell you the truth it would be very hard and excited and in the course of a fewMonths of imagination led him to our sex play, and who were his shit over and hit him while I watched, fantasize, and we would always have the best orgasms and would be very dirty. A few months ago they were going to a charity dinner in a hotel in London with his company, of course, I said, Paul said that there is nothing else about it was that night shortly before his taxi came, I asked to borrow my digital camera to take some snapshots of the night. In any case, after they left, and I think the first time even watching TV and saw a movie. I must have slept and the next thing I know is a wake up and say come to bed, it was pretty fun, and, smiling at his car, got into bed and immediately began playing and gave me a kiss, I thought, the result, and then she asked if I tubewhale used tubewhale the images taken, that she wanted to exercise their preferred stroking my cock is hard now, but she insisted, so I looked through it andI saw the usual photos of a party, she and her boss gave her table at the ball, etc, etc, then it s one of a black cock in hand and tongue on the top My cock contracted in this and said ' I would like to' move through only two of her sucking this big black cock... so I uploaded it and take tubewhale it to tell the whole story.. And so that ' tubewhale She danced around after dinner and Paul had a few dances and grabbed she had noticed that when he drew her to him was the outline of his cock against her thigh and get her wet was a time for feeling depressed and suggestive things he whispered in her ear, but suggested to find a quiet place to chat. This was a service corridor with a door lock on tubewhale both ends, and then he tubewhale grabbed her and kissed her hard and I said he grabbed her and pinching her tits and this made her very excited, slipped his hand on the DREs down her panties to the side and pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. Besides the hot was worried that she would be absent from all other so quickly knelt down and opened it and pulled its tail, about 8 inches thick and fairly, he said, and then began to suck like a demon. After a few minutes he complained like crazy, suddenly thought of me, stopped sucking and said, when he, he would have to do, wanted to tubewhale take a favor. He agreed, of course, and took the camera and asked him some pictures of her sucking take, took the camera and took his hard cock, you can only get to three pictures before saying he wanted to cum and sucks shot stream after stream hot cum in her mouth, she could not swallow anything and let it drip chin.. was at the party happens again soon, just like that, but yesterday he went to Manchester with him on a job and being awayThree days and three nights in the same hotel as him. This story will continue. tubewhale
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